Mad world

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I would like to end this blog with a beautiful song which has the same title as my last article:

It’s have been a long time that I didn’t keep attention to the newspapers. I was really sad because of what I read, French people are going crazy! This is what I read:

– French young guy was hit and humiliated by a girl during a night, they met themself thanks to Facebook
– A guy was murdered in front of his family
– French government want to reduce cars accident by enforcing law. But they don’t fix any problem with this, they will just earn more money, but people who use their car without license, or other who are drunk will continue to drive.
– A man killed all his family and buried them in his garden in Nantes.
– Dominique Strauss Kahn was arrested because of an presumed sexual crime un New York

But not only French people, also in the world. Osama Ben Laden has been killed, and everyone think of a conspiracy. Couldn’t people focus on essentials things? There are lots of article about this, many people discuss about this, and during this time, many people are murdered, homeless or other.

People are going crazy, more and more people are doing amoral things, and everyone are going more individualist than ever. I hope this will change but to be honest, I’m not confident at all.


The Can’Apero!

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You may be one of the lucky people who assists to our presentation during the PPS Dragon’s Den. If not, here is what we presented.

Our product is a sofa with two integrated fridges, a bottle opener, two storage cases (to put peanuts or magazines), and an olive launcher.

This product is made for people who enjoy having fun in their sofa, alone or with friends.

We had a lot of fun with Maxime and Stephane to present our product, and to sing in order to make the advertisement. It was a real opportunity for us to mix entertainment and English. In my opinion, it’s this kind of exercise which helps us to have a better level in English. However, I think that we should be corrected as I saw many mistakes on several PowerPoint during this exercise.

I hope the presentation make you laugh, and that you will buy a Can’Apero (as soon as we product it!)

The inter Polytech Tounament is a huge event which regroups all the Polytech’s schools for a sport tournament. This year it was hosted by Marseille.

The TIP is a great opportunity to meet people from other Polytech’s schools and to discuss about this great school.

What did we do during the TIP?

– We sang a lot, to support our team during sports activites
– We marched through Marseille, where we were wearing disguises as you can see on my picture
– We also did sports. For example, I was a player of the rugby team but we didn’t won anything

There was a great atmosphere, as we were about 1000 students. Everybody was singing, dancing and playing music instruments. In my opinion, it was really awesome! I talked to many people and enjoyed talking about this and that. I have already participated to the TIP last year, and I was really impressed. This year I’m quite proud of Paris Sud, as we were 60 students, all of them were motivated, dynamic and had a lot of spirit.

If I have an advice for the next Polytech’ Paris-Sud’s promotion, do not hesitate to participate to this event, it’s propably one of the best of Polytech’s event.


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Hello everybody who weren’t in holidays few weeks ago!

As you can see on this picture, my trip to Mexico was amazing! I visited many archeologic sites (as much as I can, as I only stayed 7 days there), like Chichen Itza. Chichen Itza is one of the 7 wonder in the world. When I was there, I really understood why! This monument has huge dimensions, and was built by Mayas. They had a real talent to build buildings like this, without all the tools we got now.

I also went to Cancun, from there I did a little trip in catamaran and I did some snorkeling. There was a lot of beautiful fish, with a lot of different colors. I really enjoyed my trip, and as a plus, I met lot of people who really like to make party and to drink tequila!

The only advice than I can give you is : ” If you got the opportunity to go to Mexico, do not hesitate!!!!!”


My opinion

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Hello everybody,

For this post, no picture, no video, no song, just my opinion about english clases. I hope this will not be misunderstood.

As many people may know, I love to learn another language. I would like to know how to speak russian, but I never got the chance to. I am learning english since I have 10 years old, and I must say that compared to other countries like Germany, I have a really bad level.

Since I learn english, I usually did the same exercices like fill in texts with words, conjugate verbs or listen to tape. When I was in DUT, we usually read text, and speak about it with all the classroom. For me, this was more usefull than the previous learning method.

I was really suprised that during our first year at Polytech’ Paris Sud, we learn how to read the time… I know that everybody don’t have the same level, but it was really boring! Why didn’t we make english level group as in spanish? For me, the french expression “anglais renforcé” means that in this classroom we will go farther than in classical English classroom.

I’m really disappointed to know that after that year I may have my degree, and I never went in an English speaking country during these 3 years. I know that as we are part time student and part time worker it’s not really simple, but another school like PPS send their students in Australia during 3 weeks !!!! And us we can’t make an English trip during few days…

I’m still complaining myself, but it’s not against teachers, I think that the learning methods are bad. The interview was a really good exercise, as we are speaking in English, and not only saying single words. But as we will have less than 30 hours until the end of 2011, I think that nothing will change, but may be it will help next Polytech’ Paris-Sud’s promotion.

I am open to the discussion if someone want to.

Desert Island

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I hope that I will never be alone on a desert island, however, I now post my survival items:

– Hurt – Johny Cash : It’s really sad song that help to realize that life is hard.

– Creep – Korn (Unplugged MTV) : Really nice song.

– Hit the road Jack – Ray Charles : To recall me the time when I could go out of my island

– La tribu de Dana – Manau: Song for a good friend of mine, Thelo!

– Ce matin va être une pure soirée – Fatal Bazooka:  To make party alone on my island!

– & Down – Boys Noize : It’s a really dynamic et powerfull song

– Breath – Prodigy : A song to give me energy!

– Somewhere beyond the sea – Bobby Darin : Just to describe my situation…

Edit: you could listen these songs here :

For my book, I would like to take the Uncyclopedia, but as I don’t find it on a store, I will take the encyclopedia. This is a book that I am sure I will take many times to end it.

For my luxury item, I will take my Nabaztag. It’s a completely useless item, that need power to function, but nevertheless I like it. It’s make me laugh, but don’t ask me why I will never been able to answer you.

Next trip : Mexico!

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Thanks to my company, I will go to Mexico for holidays during the end of january. I will land next to Cancun, and I will stay in an 5* hotel!! During this trip I plan to visit as much as I can as  this country got a rich history. I will also profit of the beautiful sea. Just for you my readers, I will try to take awesome pictures!